Problems during UK shows

Dear all,

We have received some complaints regarding our shows in the UK and we want to explain why the UK became such a compromise for the band and for the fans.

The main problem was that our Russian guitarist Andrey Smirnov could not get a visa for the UK, despite applying in plenty of time and despite us paying a small fortune to get the Visa process fast tracked, none of which helped!!!!! By the way, NO thanks to the UK embassy in Duesseldorf!

Full of hope, we tried until the very last second to get everything done but, with zero support from the UK Visa department, in the end no Visa. Parallel to this we tried to find a substitute guitarist to jump in for the UK shows which was not that easy to do. Finally we found the young, talented German guitarist CHRISTOPH KUHLMANN who could do the shows but by then it was way too late to get him over to the festival in Minehead. Since the band is always up for playing any show and to never let their fans down, they decided to play Minehead with 4 musicians only.

Finally, the day after Minehead we were able to fly Christoph in for the London show. Since his time to prepare for the show was very limited the band had to shorten their LONDON set down to 80 minutes. We are very sorry for this but it was the only chance to let nobody down and to play this show. So a big sorry to the UK and hopefully you understand the situation. From our side, everything was better than cancelling the shows!

We don't wanna blame anybody (though we do!), but we never before had problems with Andrey and UK immigration. This was the first time, and the way it got handled was amateur in the extreme.

As a last thing, we want to let you know that we deeply regret the Brexit and the fact that our friends in UK wanna leave EU. We should all stay together and try to become more united. Seperating is always a bad thing and not helpful for a free and open world. One World for all and for the people. One Heart One Soul!

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